29 Video Modules &
Presentation Scripts

Guided Meditations & Workbooks

Group Zoom Attunement &

Take part in the online Reiki Master Bundle course to learn the traditional japanese energy healing techniques to increase your own wellbeing and that of others.


With the Reiki Level 1, 2 and Master certification you will receive at the end of this course you can embark on a career as a Reiki practitioner and teacher.

  • 29 Video Modules
    Learn all you need to know about Reiki Level I , 2 and Master in our 29 very detailed video modules including presentation scripts

  • Usui Reiki Manual
    With all our Reiki courses you will get a Reiki manual for you to keep and refer to in your Reiki practice.

  • Worksheets
    Dive deep into your Reiki practice with our practical worksheets including prayers and vision boards.

  • Crystal Affirmation Deck
    Download your Crystal affirmation card deck and attract abundance through the healing properties of crystals

  • Guided Meditation and Rituals
    Join us in our guided meditations and learn about Reiki rituals with our FREE bonus material

  • Live attunement included
    One FREE combined group attunement for all levels is included in the cost of this course.

  • Reiki Business & Instagram Marketing Course 
    Get access to the popular Reiki Business Start up & Instagram Marketing Course as part of this bundle

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I did my Reiki course with Blissful Careers and I loved it! Sunny is an amazing teacher, and the online course is packed with information. My live attunement was so powerful, it brought tears of joy into my eyes.  💗 Definitely recommend!


​​I joined Sunny's reiki course and I learned so much. I am really excited to start practicing reiki on myself, family and friends. The attunement was powerful. I felt the energy in my palms and tingling in my whole body. Thanks Sunny for giving me this beautiful gift.


Learn the all the steps and strategies to start and grow your ideal Reiki Business and market it using Instagram. This course includes not only practical steps but lots of worksheets and documents to help you brand and market your business.

This Chakra Healing Workbook in tandem with the healing meditation in the course will help you start a daily practice to balance your Chakras. Start living the life you where meant to by aligning yourself with your true purpose. 


Gratitude Journal

Being consciously thankful for what you have can help you reduce depression, increase energy and elevate your general feeling of happiness. These are all factors that can contribute to you living a longer and healthier life. Being thankful for small things also increases feel-good⁣ factors  and helps you deflect negative thoughts.⁣



​100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!